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                SECTION 1.

                                (1). Promote darts as a sport throughout the City, State and Nation.

                                (2). Draft a formal set of rules for play and conduct for every member of the Association that is both fair and equal to all who play darts as a sport.

(3). Keep friendly relations with similar organizations throughout the City and State, as well as those outside the State of Indiana.

                                (4). To generate the principles of what sportsmanship is all about.



SECTION 1.         Membership is open to any individual or organization that can meet the requirements of the Association in the following sections.

SECTION 2.         Minimum age requirement for senior membership is twenty-one (21) years of age due to the Indiana state law governing pubs, lounges, taverns, ect., with the exception of private clubs the age will be eighteen (18).

                SECTION 3.         Requirements for junior membership will be ten (10) to twenty (20) years of age.

                SECTION 4.         Making application(s) and enclosing the proper membership fees to the Association.

                SECTION 5.         Accepting darts as a sport and that sportsmanship is a matter of policy of this Association, agreeing to play under the Rules of Play and the By Laws of this Association.



                SECTION 1.         Memberships shall be applicable January 1 through December 31 of each year.

                SECTION 2.         A listing of all members and their ratings will be published each season.  A membership can be suspended or terminated for violations of the By Laws and/or Rules of Play by the Board of Directors of the IDA.

SECTION 3.         All members will have a rating of A, B, C or D.  Member ranking is determined by single match play during league night and by known ability.  Ratings may be adjusted, depending upon a member's change of capabilities as justified.

SECTION 4.         Players must have a valid membership, or be signed up for current season of league play to participate in IDA sponsored Blind Draws, unless otherwise promoted as an open event.



SECTION 1.         The Board of Directors shall come from the senior membership, to be voted by said membership at a general election to be held at each awards night for the Spring Season of each year.  The board member present at each awards night will be responsible for collecting the ballots.  If a person throws more than one night per week, they will be allowed to vote only one time.  The total number of positions will be nine (9) and three (3) alternates with the first alternate being required to attend board meetings.  Votes will be counted at a board meeting with all board members present with results being available to all board members.

                SECTION 2.

                                (1). The offices of President, Vice-President and Secretary will be elected from the Board of Directors.

                                (2). Election of officers will take place in November, six (6) months after the Board of Directors take office.

                SECTION 3.         The minimum term of office for the Board of Directors shall be one (1) year.

                SECTION 4.         The term of office for elected officers will be six months as a general board member, one year as an officer, six months as a general Board Member, if not re-elected).  This will insure that at least one third (1/3) of the Board will always have a year's experience to assist newly elected Board Members.

(1)     The term for board members will be from May to May.

(2)     The term for a board officer will be from November to November.

SECTION 5.         To prevent a possible conflict of interest, a Board member of the IDA cannot hold a similar position with any other association or organization.



SECTION 1.         Nominations for the Board of Directors will be accepted every April followed by the May election during the awards presentation.  These nominations will come from the senior membership and be voted on by said membership.  A member must be active within the association for a minimum of one (1) year and/or competed in two out of three of the prior seasons.

SECTION 2.         The senior membership will vote for six (6) positions.  This will fill the Board, as the three officers will remain for their second year.


SECTION 1.         President:  It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.  He/She shall have general charge of the business of the Association.

SECTION 2.         Vice-President:  It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President, be responsible for publishing the newsletter and fliers, contacting establishments about hosting association activities and to perform such duties as the President may prescribe.

SECTION 3.         Secretary:  He/She shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.  In addition, he/she will keep an accurate record of the meetings of the Board of Directors.  General membership shall receive the previous month’s minutes after approval of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 4.         General Board Member:  It shall be the duties of the general board members to assist the officers in governing the By Laws, Rules and Regulations of Play, and determine penalties for infractions. The general board members, along with the officers, will vote on all matters concerning the Association and its operation.

SECTION 5.         The Board of Directors must meet at least once a month, with the exception of one month off during the summer months.  The dates, times, and locations of these meetings are strictly up to the Board.

SECTION 6.         Any Board Member unable to attend 75% of the board meetings without reasonable cause will be dropped from the board.   Any Board Member that is dropped or withdraws prior to the completion of his/her term, will be ineligible for nomination to the board for a minimum of two (2) years. If a board member is dropped or withdraws before the end of his/her term, a replacement will be selected from the previous election based on votes received.

SECTION 7.         The Board of Directors meeting shall have neither a time limit for matters under discussion or adjournment.  A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings.

SECTION 8.         Board Members will be responsible for the qualifying and placement of new teams.  This may require a qualifier match.



SECTION 1.         It shall be the duty of the General Secretary to have charge of the general management of              the Association.  He/She shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the President and Board of Directors.

SECTION 2.         It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have charge of the financial affairs of the Association.  A current financial statement will be provided to the Board at each regularly scheduled meeting and an annual detailed financial statement issued to the membership at the end of the fiscal year.

SECTION 3.         The General Secretary/Treasurer (if paid position) does not have a vote in Association matters at the Board of Directors meetings.



SECTION 1.         All team sponsor fees are set forth by the Board of Directors and are subject to change at the end of each season, if needed.

SECTION 2.         Anyone may sponsor a team or any business may sponsor a team so long as the team plays out of a sanctioned dart establishment that is approved by the IDA, and is located within a ten (10) mile radius of I-465.

SECTION 3.       The IDA does not endorse or require that sponsors give out house rounds.  This is entirely up to the sponsoring establishment.



SECTION 1.         In the event of the dissolution of this Association for reasons other than reorganization, all monies and property remaining after all creditors have been paid in full shall be disposed of in the following manner:

                                (1).   Go to another Not-For-Profit dart association or organization as designated by the Board of Directors.

(2).   Shall be disposed of by the Probate Court of Marion County, Indiana to such organizations as the Court shall determine are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.  In no event, shall any assets be disposed of to any of the members of the Association.



SECTION 1.         The By Laws and Rules of Play may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Directors with a two third's (2/3) vote of the total Board.

SECTION 2.         The October board meeting of each year will be to review and change any By Laws or Rules and Regulations of Play.








                SECTION 1.         All members will be expected to abide by these rules and regulations and conduct themselves

                in a sportsman like manner, keeping league matches friendly and showing courtesy to all players and  

                personnel of the hosting establishment.

                SECTION 2.         The IDA will not tolerate the over indulgence of adult beverages or the usage of narcotics                                during IDA functions (i.e. league play, awards presentations, tournaments, etc).  If a player is caught in

                violation of this section, his/her membership will be revoked at once.  Prescription drugs from doctors are

                excused from this rule, but if the person on this medication becomes uncontrollable in his/her actions, he/she

                shall be removed from that night's league play.

                Infractions of the above rules will result in a board hearing and/or penalties.



                SECTION 1.         If sponsor fees are not submitted during the first two weeks of play, the team captain must:

                                                a.             Procure fees from the sponsor and send in with week three score sheets or

                                                b.             Move the team to another location willing to pay sponsor fees by week 3 or

                                                c.             Pay the sponsor fees him/her self.

                                                d.             Perform any other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.

                SECTION 2.         A captain is responsible for the conduct of the team, accuracy of the score sheet, proper

                registration of all players, and insuring that the home location maintains the proper standards of equipment.

                (1).   The captain of the team or a person designated by the captain, must attend all

                captain’s meetings.  Failure of the above will constitute a one-point penalty.

                                (2).   Each captain must appoint a co-captain to act in his/her behalf during his/her absence.

                                (3).   The home captain is responsible for providing a scorer for each game.  The players may opt for

                                chalking their own game.  A chalker for each game is encouraged when practical.  The chalker does

                                not have to be a team member, but must be accepted by both team captains.

                                (4).  The captain of the winning team is responsible for calling in the score on the night of the match,

before 7:00 AM the morning after the match.  A one-point penalty will be imposed for this infraction.

                                (5).   Both captains must sign the score sheets to attest their accuracy.  This includes initialing by the

opposing team captain for individuals to receive a certificate (i.e. The opposing team captain must initial

T80's, White Horses and T20 or higher Double Ins or Outs).  Any shot earning a certificate must

                                be initialed by the opposing team captain or it will be invalid.

                                (6).   Match fees are to be sent in each week with score sheets.  No fees are due the last two weeks of

                                the season unless otherwise specified.  (See paragraph 7 for penalties).

                                (7).   Each team captain is required to mail their team’s score sheet and match fees to the association.

Envelopes should be postmarked within 48 hours of the match unless you are a team captain for multiple nights.  If you are a captain on more than one night, all score sheets and match fees must be postmarked by Friday of that week.  This allows multiple night team captains to include all fees in one check.  Score sheets and fees may be hand delivered to the league secretary within this time frame.  If total match fees and/or completed score sheets are not submitted on time, a one point penalty will be imposed every week until both are received.  In addition, a five point penalty will be imposed the last week of play if score sheets and/or match fees are not received within the established time frame.

                                (8).   A captain should avoid any forfeits, fights, or protests by his/her team.  All complaints shall be

directed to the team captain and not to the members of the team if a dispute arises.  If the problem

cannot be resolved, contact the Board of Directors as soon as possible, at the designated call in number.

                (9).   If a captain disregards the responsibilities given him/her, then this captain will be removed and

another one appointed from that team to do the job.

                                (10).   A team will not be able to compete in league play if fees are more than three (3) weeks

                                overdue.  If fees are two (2) weeks overdue, team members and the sponsor will be notified by the

                treasurer that they must become current by the third (3rd) overdue week, or be removed from league play.

                                (11).   Any individual owing monies to the association directly or through league play will not be able

                                to participate within the association until the debt is satisfied.  Membership also, may be revoked.

                                (12).   All awarded trophies and/or monies must be claimed within thirty (30) days of that season's

                                Award’s presentation.   If unclaimed, all trophies and/or monies will revert back to the association.




SECTION 1.         An incomplete team consists of two players or less of any gender.  A team of maximum size consists of six players of any gender.  Team captains are encouraged to carry a team of maximum size of six (6) to insure against forfeits.  A match with two players must follow the following format:

                                (1).   Play three-person team games with an empty space in the line up (six darts verses 9 darts per round).

                                (2).   Leave a blank space in each line of the doubles and singles games.



                SECTION 1.         A team is considered registered when the following criteria is met:

                                (1).   A IDA application is received with the proper sponsor fees.

                (2).   Procured the proper application for individual memberships and the fees.  This may be done the first night of league play.

                SECTION 2.         Once a player throws a dart during a league match, he/she is ineligible to throw on any other

                team on the same night during the current season.

SECTION 3.      All monies must be paid by CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.   If cash is mailed, a one-point penalty will be imposed.  The use of personal check is encouraged by the Association, to cut down on your cost for money orders, etc; however, the Association will charge a $35.00 HANDLING FEE for each returned check and a one point penalty will be assessed for late match fees.  If the treasurer is not notified within five (5) days as to how to handle the returned check, it will be sent through a second time.  Checks returned a second time will result in:

                                a.   No further checks being accepted from that person.

                                b.   Another $20.00 handling fee.

c.     A two-point penalty for this second offense, in addition to the one point penalty already assessed for the first time.  (This means a total of three points assessed and a total of $55.00 in handling fees).

                SECTION 4.         The team captain is responsible for sending in match and membership fees. DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL!  Checks will only be accepted from PLAYERS on the team. 



                SECTION 1.         The management at the location of the match or tournament will be responsible for supplying

                and maintaining the league play dart boards, which must be deemed acceptable to both home and visiting teams.

The Association is responsible for all sponsor inspections, as needed.

(1).   All league competition, including tournaments and playoffs, must be conducted on a               STANDARD ENGLISH BRISTLE, 20-POINT CLOCK FACED DART BOARD.

(2).  Dart boards will be placed 5 feet, 8 inches from the floor to the center of the bulls eye, with the 20 wedge at the top center of the back board.  The 20 wedge must be a dark colored wedge at all times.

                                (3).   A diagonal measurement from the board to the toe line will be 9 feet, 7 3/8 inches from the bull.

(4).   All league play dartboards shall be firmly anchored and well lit to minimize shadows.  The dartboard should be positioned so that it is readily available to players without distraction to the thrower and clear of all obstacles.

                                (5).   A scoring surface must be provided and located in such a position that the score may be easily read by the players.

(6).   When more than one match is being played on boards mounted on the same wall, there shall be a minimum of 4 feet between the centers of the boards in use.

(7).   Any complaints regarding equipment, should be directed to the Association in the form of a letter or phone call.  After inspection, the Board of Directors may direct the sponsor to correct the situation or the Board may move the teams affected to another site until the problem is corrected.

                SECTION 2.   The maximum weight allowed of a player's darts will be 50 grams and the maximum length will be 12 inches.

                SECTION 3.   The sponsoring establishment is required to provide two approved dartboards for each scheduled home team.  Each sponsor can have two teams for every two approved dartboards.

                SECTION 4.    A current inspection sheet must be displayed in a designated display area. 



SECTION 1.         Dartboards required for league play must be cleared 1/2 hour prior to the match.  Practice should be limited to the teams that are going to play.

SECTION 2.         It is the responsibility of the sponsor to stop other activities (pool, pinball, etc.) within 10 feet of the toe line behind or to the side 1/2 hour prior to match play.

                SECTION 3.         After match play begins, only 12 darts per player are allowed before each game.






SECTION 1.         The first night of play must consist of members on the original team application.  If there is to be a change or addition of players, this must have the majority of Board approval, if deemed necessary by the President, Vice-President and League Secretary.

a.   Any changes to team roster, including use of substitute player, must be called in to the call in number the night of play.

SECTION 2.         Captains must have score sheets completed at 7:30 PM with the first and last names listed on player roster, whether present or absent.  All games on score sheet must be completed with player’s names before match begins.  Duplicate first names should be clearly designated.  Captains will initial each other’s score sheets before the match begins.  Changes after the match starts are not permitted unless approved by BOTH CAPTAINS.

SECTION 3.         A team is only allowed to add one player per week.  All additions to a team are subject to Board approval upon receiving the score sheet.  If more than one player per week is to be added, Board approval must be obtained first, prior to match night.  If the use of an illegible or unauthorized player requires a point adjustment the formula in Article XVI, Section 2 will be used.  If a player is deemed ineligible, all games he/she played in will be awarded to the other team.

SECTION 4.       Both teams at 7:30 PM must have 3 or up to 6 players ready for league play.  However, if one of the team captains has less than the required number of players to play at this time, he may request a 15-minute grace period.  If after the 15-minute grace period, the match will be played with the incomplete team as scheduled.  (See Article III, Section 1.

                SECTION 5.         All matches must be underway within 15 minutes after team rosters are exchanged.

                SECTION 6.         A late player not on the game sheet after the match has started MAY NOT PARTICIPATE AFTER THE FIRST DART IS THROWN.  Captains should try to schedule around all late players, but again, the player must be listed on the roster at 7:30 P.M.

SECTION 7.         A late player who is scheduled around to later games must be available to participate in the game he/she is scheduled prior to the completion of the preceding game, otherwise, that player’s turn must be forfeited each round of that game.  See Article III, Section 1.

SECTION 8.         Substitutions will be allowed in all leagues except Singles, when ALL of the following subsections are met.  The team captain (or acting captain) is responsible for implementing the following subsections.  If a substitute player is deemed ineligible by any of the following sub-sections, all games he/she played in will be awarded to the other team.

(1).   A substitution will be allowed only if the team has less than the minimum required players needed to play the match.  (Example: A regular league team has only two (2) players available for play that night, or a doubles team has only one (1) player).

                                (2).   Only one substitute player may be used per night of play.

(3).  The substitute player must have an IDA rating equal to or less than the team player he/she is substituting for.  If the substitute player does not have a current membership with the IDA, he/she must purchase a membership before playing.  If the substitute player has no IDA rating, his/her eligibility may be disallowed by the Board of Directors if it is decided his/her skill level is not consistent with the division.

                                                a.   Equal card requirement waived for “A” league and the females in the mixed doubles divisions.

(4).   A substitute player has no limit to the number of teams he/she may sub for.  However, once a player subs three (3) times for the same team, he/she will be considered a permanent member of that team (doubles leagues excluded).  The player will therefore not be eligible to play for any other team that night of play for the remainder of the season.  If the team roster already maintains a maximum of six (6) players, a regular team member MUST be deleted to make room on the roster for the new player.

(5).   Match fees must still be paid IN FULL each night of play.  The team captain (or acting captain) is responsible for submitting these funds and collecting from the absent team members.

                                (6).   The team captain MUST indicate on the score sheet which team member the sub is playing for.

SECTION 9.         If a player must withdraw from a Singles league, he/she may select another IDA member, with the same or lower card rating, to complete the season.  All responsibilities of  “Team Captain” will apply to the new player.  Prize money will be distributed to the NEW player at the end of the season.  Sharing of this money is SOLELY up to the two players involved.



SECTION 1.         After the first night of play, a team may register and play a new player on the same night.  The new player must submit his/her membership application and fees with that night's score sheet.  (Teams playing non-registered, unpaid players, or players under an assumed name, will forfeit all points gained in games played by said player).

                SECTION 2.         New players may not be added during the last two (2) weeks of league play.

                SECTION 3.         During the course of the season, it may become necessary to add or delete players from the roster.  If a player is deleted from a team roster during any given season of league play, that player may not participate for the balance of that season, however, the player may, at his/her option, play on another night if said player has not been deleted from the night in question.  If the player is added to the roster that was previously deleted during the same season, then forfeit of points gained by said player shall occur.


                SECTION 1.         A league match will consist of the following games unless otherwise indicated:

1-three person 701 FI,DO games, 3-Doubles 501 FI,DO games, 3-Doubles Cricket games, 3-Singles Cricket games (Best 2 out of 3), 3-Singles 501 FI,DO games for a total of 13 points.  It is not permissible for a player to play in more than one Singles 501 game or more than one Singles Cricket game, however a player can play in one of each.

                SECTION 2.         In the singles leagues, games played will consist of 4-501 FI,DO, 4-301 DI,DO, and 7-cricket

games for a total of 15 points.  Order of games will be 501, Cricket, 301, Cricket, 501, Cricket, 301, etc. until 15 games have been played.

SECTION 3.         In the mixed doubles league, games played will consist of 3 Doubles 501 – FI,DO, 2 Singles 501 FI,DO, 3 Doubles Cricket, 2 Singles Cricket.  Singles games are played with the male competing against male and female against female.  The last three (3) games will be a blind draw format – 501 FI,DO, Cricket, Piddler’s Choice.  All games are played with each game worth one point for a total of 13 points.



SECTION 1.         All games are started by throwing for the cork (piddle)., with the home team having the option of throwing first.  Only players who are scheduled to play in that game may throw for the cork.  The dart must remain in the playing surface.

(1).   If the scorer should ask for a rethrow at the cork, the second player must go first.  All other rethrows will be on an alternating basis.

(2).   Rethrows shall be called if the scorer cannot decide which dart is closest to the bullseye/cork.  If both thrower's make single or double bulls together, then a rethrow must be called.  The second thrower may acknowledge the first dart as a single or double bullseye and ask for that dart to be removed prior to his/her throw.

(3).   The additional throws at the cork continue until both player’s darts remain in the board.  Should the second thrower dislodge the dart of the first thrower, than a rethrow will be made with the second thrower now going first.

(4).   Darts must not be touched prior to the decision of the scorer.  If a throw is in doubt, then both captains and the scorer shall give their opinions with the majority ruling.  In other words, straightening of darts prior to the decision of the scorer is PROHIBITED.

(5).  The order in which players throw shall be left up to their captains or partners, not necessarily the order as written on the score sheets.

(6).  In games where a point is the best two out of three games, the loser of the first game has the option of corking first in the second game, and the loser of the second game has the option of corking first in the third game, if necessary.

SECTION 2.       Players should remain in the area of play and be ready to throw when it is their turn.  There should be no more than a one minute delay between darts, and no more than a two minute delay between players.  The team captain should be notified of his/her players causing undue delays.  Continued delays will result in loss of turn by offending player.  Exceptions might include occasional rest room and/or bar service trips, and emergency phone calls.



SECTION 1.         For a dart to score, it must remain in the dart board five seconds after the final dart has been thrown by that player.  The point of the dart must be penetrating the bristle of the dartboard.

                                (1)   Per ADO Rules, a player may have a five minute pause in play to repair damaged darts.

(2).   All darts dropped accidentally at the toe line may be rethrown.  This does not apply to darts that an attempted throw was made with.

(3).   A player must have both feet behind the toe line before and during each throw.  If the player has one or both feet over the toe line, a foul occurs.  A warning violation will be given to the player throwing.  This warning shall come from the opposing team captain and subsequent fouls will invalidate the throw in which the foul occurs. 

4).  Once a game has started, those players throwing in that particular game are not allowed to practice on another board while awaiting his/her turn.  It is permissible for a player to practice if he/she is not playing in a game at that time and a board is available that is not next to the board a game is being played on.

(5).   A player must state loudly what his/her score is before removing the darts from the dartboard. This will give the scorer time to verify your score.  Errors in arithmetic must stand as written unless corrected prior to the beginning of that team's next throw.

(6).   Darts cannot be touched once in the scoring area of the dartboard, until the scorer or opponent verifies the score.  Under no circumstances is a spectator allowed to touch any darts in the board during league matches.

(7).   The scorer is not allowed to call DOUBLE OUTS or any other combinations during 01 games.  It is the responsibility of the thrower to know the combinations or outs, however, the player in question may turn to the back of the toe line and ask his/her captain or fellow team mates for help in the out that is required.  Unsolicited outcries or coaching by spectators will not be tolerated.

                                (8).   The scorer can only give the remaining score and/or what ever darts were thrown, if asked.

(9).  If a player throws out of turn, and it is not caught immediately following his/her turn, the score will remain and he/she must throw in the proper order during the remainder of the game.  If caught immediately before the next throw, the score shall be erased and the proper darter will then throw.

(10).   The scorer shall mark the board so that the scores thrown are listed in the inner columns of the board and the remaining totals are listed in the outer columns.  Slash all numbers except the current remainders.  When erasing, leave the last three scores and totals written to eliminate subtraction errors.

(11).   Any dart landing on top of another (piggy back/Robin Hood) does not count or get rethrown. Any dart bouncing off the board does not get rethrown.



SECTION 1.         To commence scoring in a double-in (DI) game, a player must land a dart in the outer double ring.  This dart and all subsequent darts shall be counted for a score.  Inner double bulls' eye is considered a double 25 for starting a game.

SECTION 2.         To commence scoring in a single in (FI) game, start with the first dart in the scoring area and all subsequent darts will be counted for score.

SECTION 3.         To finish a 01 game, a player's last dart thrown must land in the exact double in the double ring.  The inner bulls' eye double is considered a double out for finishing a game.  Once the double out is hit and verified, the game is over.

SECTION 4.         THE BUST RULE:  A player busts when his/her score is more or one less than the remaining score of the game, or equal to the remaining score of the game if the dart was not a double.  When this occurs, the score remains the same as it was prior to the throw.  The next player then throws.



                SECTION 1.         The numbers 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and bulls eye (cork) are used.

                SECTION 2.         To close a number, it must be hit 3 times; i.e. one triple 20 would be 3.  One single 20 and a double 20 would be three, and 3 single 20's would be 3.  An open number is any number that has not been hit                 the equivalent of three times to close.  This also includes the bullseye.

SECTION 3.         Points are not necessary to win.  The object of the game is to close the numbers before your opponent does.  The player who closes first, even if he/she has 0 points, is the winner, as long as his opponent has 0 points.  Should the opponent have points, the closed player in order to win must score an equal amount of points or more, before the opponent can close out his/her numbers.  Games cannot end in a tie.  A tie in points is the same as 0 points, allowing the player who is closed out to be the winner.

SECTION 4.         A WHITE HORSE is three (3) countable trips in separate wedges in any order.  A countable trip, is a trip

using all three marks in any combination of:

                                (1).   Closing a wedge.

                                (2).   Closing a wedge plus chalking points.

                                (3).   Chalking points.

                SECTION 5.         A player may use or pursue whatever strategy he/she chooses to assure his/her winning.



SECTION 1.         The Indianapolis Darters Association will not be held liable for any personal injuries sustained during association sanctioned events.



SECTION 1.         All matches must be played as scheduled unless they are rescheduled due to an Act of God, or by the Board of Directors, or by a committee appointed for that purpose.

SECTION 2.         Reschedules will be allowed if both captains can agree to time and location.  They must be played PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED DATE, and the team requesting the reschedule will lose HOME TEAM advantage.  If a team requests more than one reschedule during the season a one-point penalty will be imposed for each reschedule after the first reschedule at the board of director’s discretion.  The score must be called in after the match and score sheets/fees must be postmarked within forty eight (48) hours (See Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 7).

SECTION 3.         If rescheduled match cannot be played within two weeks of the scheduled date of play, team requiring rescheduled match will receive a two-point penalty.  If match is not played prior to last night of play, team requiring rescheduled match will receive a five-point penalty.  Board of Directors, at their discretion, may waive penalty points for Acts of God or unavoidable emergencies.




                SECTION 1.         If a match is not played as scheduled, a forfeit will occur.

                SECTION 2.         If a forfeit occurs, a two-point penalty will be imposed and a point adjustment will be made.

A.  Point Adjustment procedure:  The forfeiting team will receive no points for the night.  The other team will receive points based on the following formula: (MP+OMP)/N where MP = Total match points for the night, OMP = other match points scored against forfeiting team during the season, N = Nights these two teams meet during the season.

SECTION 3.         If a team forfeits two times during any given season of league play, that team will be withdrawn from league

play.  The team that was withdrawn from league play must make application to the Association and a security deposit must be

paid before said team can play again.

SECTION 4.         If a withdrawal occurs, all points will be adjusted in the league standings that have been awarded to opposing teams in that one-half (1/2) or one-third (1/3) of league play.  If the withdrawn team had a forfeit during the other one-half (1/2) or one-third (1/3) of league play, ALL POINTS awarded to opposing teams for the season will be adjusted.  The team in violation will be removed from the league and will surrender all monies, trophies and any other form of prizes to the Association.

SECTION 5.         If a forfeit caused by a team withdrawing during the last two (2) weeks of play affects standings of the top two or three positions, no point adjustment will be made.  If necessary, a possible playoff for position may be scheduled by the Board of Directors between the affected teams.

SECTION 6.         Team NOT forfeiting is responsible for calling in the forfeit, submitting their teams’ match fees and completed score sheet, and any other responsibilities specified in Article II, Section 2, referencing the “Team Captain”.

SECTION 7.         Any disputes arising from the application of the above rules may be appealed to the Board of Directors within seven (7) days.



SECTION 1.         A team may file a protest for irregularity of games, conditions and equipment.  The Association does not endorse protests, but hopes that the problem can be resolved without further action between the team captains, however, if the problem cannot be resolved this way, the following procedures MUST BE FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER.

                                (1).   The opposing team must be told if a match is being protested.

                                (2).   Make the call to the Association secretary at the designated call in number on the night of play.

(3).   Secure a $10.00 deposit for the protest fee and write a letter of explanation of what happened.  The letter and fee must be postmarked within five (5) days of the protest.  If not postmarked within five (5) days, the protest will be invalid.  If your protest is honored and the Board of Directors agrees, then the $10.00 fee will be returned to your team.



SECTION 1.         The Indianapolis Darters Association, with the membership in mind, has set certain PENALTIES for rule violations.  The penalties listed may be APPEALED by the team that it is levied against, during the season to which it is applied.  If not appealed after five (5) days, it shall remain as listed.  All penalties are described within the appropriate article.

SECTION 2.         If a Board member or the Secretary is contacted at his/her night/day of play during competition, a FIVE POINT PENALTY may be imposed, if the call is deemed unnecessary by the Board of Directors.



                SECTION 1.         Match fees are to be paid weekly throughout the whole season.

                SECTION 2.         Payouts, awards, etc. are figured on total amounts paid in full by all teams through the end of the season.  Any teams not completing scheduled play are still responsible for paying all match fees.

                SECTION 3.        Position rounds will only be played after each team has played all teams in their league at least once to determine actual position.  In order to schedule a position round during a league, an even number of teams are needed.




SECTION 1.         Any discrepancies not covered in these rules of play are subject to the ADO (American Darters Organization) tournament rules of play.


Revised October, 2009